Wednesday, 6 March 2013

SkillsServe 3.9 Release Notes

1. Report Improvements


Key items:

  • All reportable fields should support aggregation (summarise) with no restrictions
    • Unable to Summarise (PT2 change)
      • Booking Payment
      • Event Finance
      • Event Registrations
      • Event Registration Bookings
      • Event Survey
      • Appraisal Status
      • Survey Attempts
      • Form Activities
      • Job Role Summary
  • Add ability to filter by category group in "Step 4 Filter and Sorting"
  • Add ability to filter by custom fields when the field is a drop down
  • The Person Category Groups should be available in the User Data Data source too (and probably all of the ones which list users).
  • Add Reporting scope to UserData data source
  • Add Supervisor Email to User Data source
  • Add a modified date to report info drawer. This should only display if the report has been modified since creation For example: systemadmin on 29/10/2012 17:14:46
  • Activity types in "Step 2 Select Parameters" should only include activity types which are available on the system
  • Should be able to configure reports to run in the context of the user the report is being sent to
  • Add a report field to show if an activity counts towards CPD (CODActivity true / false) ActivityRegistrations
  • A report field needs to be added to show if CPD has been removed or included on activities ActivityRegistrations
  • Categories that are available should only include person groups and activity groups ActivityRegistrations