Thursday, 8 May 2014

SkillsServe 4.20 Release Notes


We’re pleased to announce SkillsServe 4.20 launched in May 2014

What’s new in this version?

Forms Content Report- Multiple Template Reporting

Is it a new feature or an upgrade? This is an upgrade to Reports in SkillsServe
How it works… When creating a report using the Forms Content Report Data source the Reporting Administrator can specify whether to report on all versions of a Form Template or on a specific version. This can be found within the Select Parameters tab.

This screen shot shows a report which will generate data for all versions of the  Annual Review Form Template. It also shows in which versions of the Form Template the individual items are available.

 annual review

Please note that for existing Forms Content Reports the default behaviour is to report across all versions of a Form Template.

This screen shot shows a report for a specific version of a Form Template. Any items not relating to the Form Template will be greyed out.

annual review 2

Why is this beneficial? You can now produce a single report to show data across all versions of a Form Template, This will reduce data analysis and administration effort.

Default or configurable? This is a Default part of SkillsServe 4.20. For more information please contact your account manager or the Helpdesk at or on 0844 800 3316.