Thursday, 30 October 2014

SkillsServe 4.29 Release Notes



We’re pleased to announce SkillsServe 4.29 launched in October 2014.

What’s new in this version?

Editing the Description and Objectives for all Activity Types
Is it a new feature or an upgrade? This is an upgrade to an existing feature in SkillsServe.
How it works… Description and Objectives fields are now available for all activity types and can be edited by administrators with access to the Content Manager. Using the rich text HTML you can give users more information about your activities on SkillsServe.

Description and Objectives Edit
Why is this beneficial? This offers administrators the chance to give a bit more information about activities if they so wish and having these editable fields also offers more consistent terminology and features across all activity types and SkillsServe.
Default or configurable? This is a default part of SkillsServe 4.29. For more information please contact the Helpdesk at or on 0844 800 3316.

Thursday, 9 October 2014




You may have heard of Shellshock, the latest security alert affecting many web services globally. Shellshock allows attackers to take over computers via vulnerable Bash shell software.

The Shellshock bug only affects Unix, Linux and Apple OSX based platforms. The Unicorn platforms are based on Microsoft software and Microsoft have officially confirmed that the bug does not affect their products. We’ve also had confirmation from our networking suppliers that their products are unaffected.

So you can rest assured that none of the Unicorn platforms, including the ones listed below, have been affected:

Shellshock img

Stuart Jones