Friday, 12 December 2014

SkillsServe 4.31 Release Notes



Our latest SkillsServe improvements include HTML emails and we’ve also created a new Objective Dropdown lists for Forms.

HTML Emails

Benefits HTML emails allow you to brand, customise and pretty much do what you like with the look of emails sent from SkillsServe improving the user experience of emails.
How it works We can now create a branded email template that all emails in SkillsServe will use.

 HTML Email
How to get this HTML emails are a configurable part of SkillsServe. For more information on how you can make SkillsServe your own please contact the Helpdesk at or on 0844 800 3316.

Objective Dropdown Lists

Benefits The new Objective Dropdown list feature adds an extra level of depth to objectives in Forms. They can be used to record a status to keep track of objectives, for aligning to wider business objectives or a way of rating success in fulfilling objectives.
How it works Objective Dropdown lists are added when creating a Form Template. Up to two different configurable dropdown lists can be used when recording objectives in addition to the existing configurable free text fields.

In a published Form you can choose the selection from the available values – this can be set so users and/or manager pick them as part of the form workflow.

 Objective Ratings 7
How to get this This comes as standard in the latest update to SkillsServe. For more information about Objective Dropdowns lists please contact the Helpdesk at or on 0844 800 3316.