Friday, 30 September 2016

SkillsServe 5.8 Release Note - Question Banks

It is now possible to upload and download Question Banks in XLSX format (Excel 2007+)  where previously you could only use CSV.  This update means you can correctly upload question banks containing special characters such as a pound sign £ .
Also included in this update we have made improvements to the Question Bank Guidance and a minor amendment to the template itself.

How does it work?
To download the question bank template, select the dropdown field a the top of the Question Bank page in SkillsServe and select the format you wish to download (XLSX is recommended).

When editing question banks, you can choose whether to download the current question bank as either XLSX or CSV.

Within the template, we have updated the column title which was previously 'Modules' to be 'ActivityCode' to better reflect the terminology used in the system. Copying the code of a learning activity within SkillsServe and pasting it in this field will link the question to that activity as related learning.

For help completing the templates and understanding what data is required in each column, click on the Template Guidance link on the Question Banks page in SkillsServe - this area has been updated to make the instructions clearer and easier to follow.

This feature is now live and no action is required. For further information about how this change will affect you, please contact the Helpdesk at or on 0800 055 6586. A 'how to' guide on creating a question bank can be found in the Knowledge Base.